Date de sortie: Jan 1989
Prix: 15,0€
Ref: IGL068

This oratorio was written by Frédéric Rzewski for a theatrical play base on Peter Weiss "L'instruction". The first performance of the play staged by Richard Kalisz, commemorated the 40th anniversary of the signature of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "The Triumph of Death" consists of 13 movements (10 on the CD), written for a string quartet and an undetermined number of voices. Beyond the theatrical event, the work is a witness to a Historical event which our collective memory must not be allowed to forget.

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  1. 5:44 Prologue
  2. 8:21 Le Chant de La Rampe
  3. 8:56 Le Champ du Camp
  4. 7:26 Le Champ du Sergent Stark
  5. 9:30 Le Chant du Mur Noir
  6. 10:57 Le Chant du Phénol
  7. 6:18 Le Chant des Fours Crématoire
  8. 9:52 Epilogue
Durée totale 1:07:04