Release date: Jan 2003
Price: 15.0€
Ref: IGL168

Already a recognised sideman, Sal La Rocca has brought together a few long-standing friends in a surprising quintet: the Sal La Rocca quintet, featuring Bruno Castellucci, Jacques Pirotton, Peter Hertmans and Kris Goessens. The fruit of this encounter is the first album "Latinea".

Sal La Rocca offers us new original compositions that are both colourful and generous, dipping us in an environment in which jazz is king. From his wide experience, Sal gave the record a cohesive group sound. Each musician finds room enough to express himself, with the various voices combining in a surprising result.

Sal La Rocca doublebass
Jacques Pirotton guitar
Peter Hertmans guitar
Kris Goessens piano
Bruno Castellucci drums


  1. 4:23 Three seconds & a half and…
  2. 5:08 Une bonne chose de faite!
  3. 5:36 Henriette "B"
  4. 4:44 Latinea
  5. 5:37 Surimpresion sur…
  6. 6:09 Broken wave (pour pierrot)
  7. 4:42 Agathe joue ent'deux martiennes
  8. 5:01 Les anneaux de "s"
  9. 5:31 Two legs, one leg
  10. 2:35 Douc'heures (pour ma cherie)
Total duration 0:49:26


  • Sal La Rocca
  • Sal La Rocca