The second edition of the MEDIMEX, Fair of Mediterranean Music, will take place in Bari, from 29 Novembre to 2nd December. Medimex is the  International music trade fair in Italy dedicated to the new scenes on the music market, to artistic and business contacts, to new music trends, to  opportunities for the regional, Italian and international music markets to meet each other.  

Meet IGLOO Records @ STAND 153.
For appointment request send an email to info(at)

23 afternoon and evening showcases – for the accredited professionals and the public – performed by artists from 12 countries: a journey across all kinds of music with Asaf Avidan (Israel), Aziz Sahmaoui & University of Gnawa (Morocco), Blisko Pola (Poland), Bodypolitics (Netherlands), Chemirani’s (Iran), Click Here (France), Enzo Avitabile (Italy), Fabryka (Italy), Faraualla (Italy), Finaz (Italy), Frankie Chavez (Portugal), Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions (Turkey), Insintesi (Italy), Kalàscima (Italy), Larssen (Italy), Magnifico (Slovenia), Management Del Dolore Post-Operatorio (Italy), Moustache Prawn (Italy), Municipale Balcanica (Italy), Nobraino (Italy), Radio Babel Marseille (France), Stefano Saletti & Piccola Banda Ikona (Italy) e Zeid & Maryam (Lebanon/Egypt).

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