While studying classical guitar at the conservatories of Liège and Huy, Alain Pierre discovered jazz at fifteen years old. After co-founded the “Trio Cadenza – Guitars” with whom he played many concerts in Belgium, Poland, France and Tunisia from 1995 to 2004, he founded the group in 1999 Belgo-Tunisian “Anfass” with Tunisian guitarist Fawzi Chekili, the Belgian flutist Steve Houben and first the Tunisian player of Ney and currently Yacine Badrani Hichem Ayari. The band plays only the compositions of Alain and Fawzi Chekili who possess the characteristics of European music and Tunisia. The group has toured in Belgium, Tunisia, Morocco, Netherlands, Luxembourg and France A CD called “Anfass” (Igloo IGL 148) was recorded in 2000.

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Since 2000 he plays his own compositions for classical guitar and acoustic guitars 6 & 12 string solo and duet with Steve Houben, Peter Bernard, Fabrice Alleman or Bart Defoort.

In 2004 he formed Acous-Trees, a quartet with Pierre Bernard (Flute), Sam Gerstmans (bass) and Fred Malempré (Percussion), always with the compositions of Alain. The quartet enlisted from time to time by Barbara Wiernik (Vocals), Fabrice Alleman (flute, reeds), Philippe Laloy (Flute, Soprano Sax) and Stephan Pougin (Percussion).
He teaches guitar and improvisation at the Conservatoire de Huy since 1987 and during summer internships.

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