Animus anima is a “contemporary psychedelic jazz” group exploring the limits of progressive jazz, nu-jazz and impro-rock.

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The animus anima group came into being following an experimental meeting of four musicians from very different backgrounds. Nicolas Ankoudinoff, saxophonist and composer, comes from the territory of jazz, improvised and new music; Benoist Eil, guitarist, blends sound with feedback improvisations; Pascal Rousseau, tuba, performs on the contemporary classical stages of Paris and Etienne Plumer, Corean drummer from South Belgium comes from the M-base tradition of black American music. Working together they generate startling sound textures. On stage, the bitter-sweet cocktail of these unlikely ingredients form incandescent, visionary, sometimes self mocking and ironic moments which combine hard jazz rock with lyrical and sensual ballads, drifting melody and wild improvisation (cfr. Animus/Anima). The concert is like a ride through very varied feelings that combine sharp focus and lyricism. animus anima’s music is the missing link between Pink Floyd and Archie Shepp!

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