With his signature Hammond organ style and versatility on the Hammondorgan, Terneuzen native Arno Krijger (b. 1972) has traversed not only the wide spectrum of jazz where he is perhaps best known, but also the worlds of funk, pop, and alternative music. High in demand as a sideman, Krijgers’ sound can be heard on scores of albums by artists in virtually every musical genre. His distinctive playing including playing the pedals has graced a number of albums. Style-wise Larry Young has been of great influence in his playing. Also Larry Goldings has contributed a large deal. Krijger has collaborated closely, on the road and in the studio, with such artists as Jesse van Ruller, Billy Hart, Stefan Lievestro, Hans van Oosterhout, Pascal Vermeer, Dick de Graaf, Rolf Delfos, Joris Posthumus, Toine Thys, James Scolfield, Martijn Vink amongst others.