Difficult to define this polyvalent searcher musician who evolved through various areas of music and different styles such as jazz, contemporary music, and pop music, alternating as composer, interpreter, musical director, pedagog, pianist and improviser.

Born in Brussels, October 7 1956, Arnould Massart studied music following classical direction and as a self taught. Being gifted for languages, in 1978 he graduates with a university degree in Germanic philology. His musical curiosity and taste for research ever keep him in a dynamic learning process.

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He pursues his musical studies, in analysis and composition, in London, Mons Royal Conservatory, and with Mauricio Kagel and Luciano Berio. In 1989 he participated, as a synthesizer soloist, in the creation of “Déclarations d’Orage” by Henri Pousseur and Michel Butor with the Liège Philharmonic orchestra.

He founded a trio “Three to Get Ready” with which he performed since 1983 and which resulted in first album in 1985, with bassist Philippe Aerts and drummer Philippe Mobers. The album has been reissued on CD in 2002 (Igloo igl 166). He also collaborated with Charles Loos in his album “HARMONIE DU SOIR”, in 1988 (Igloo).