Asad Qizilbash was born in 1963, son of the famous violinist K.H. Qizilbash. After attending a concert performed by his future Master, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Asad decided to devote himself to the sarod. The sarod is a typical indian instrument, and Asad has been the only sarod player in Pakistan since 1992, keeping this traditional instrument and its music alive. For years he had the honour to perform regularly at his President’s house where Head of State Representatives, Monarchs, Diplomats and guests from all around the world have witnessed and appreciated his unique style of classical narration.

Threathened by some religious extremists for playing his music, he left his country in 2011 and lives now in Belgium, where he was recognized as a politic refugee.

Putting his mind and soul into his sarod, his ability to master classical ragas goes along with his capacity to adapt to other musical langages.