It would be impossible to give an exhaustive list of bands he is in or plays with. He appears on many cds, rock, pop, avant-garde, jazz…

He was one of the original members of X-Legged Sally, and also of Think Of One before he quit that band in 2003 to put all of his energy in Flat Earth Society. He is also a member of Jaune Toujours, a Brussels folk band with his brother Piet Maris on vocals and accordeon.

Other bands he plays with include The Whodads, Janez Dedt, The Groove Cartel, Excelsior, Fukkeduk, Kamikaze, The Simpletones, Das Kammer Orchestra, Rouppe Group and Olla Voghala. His trumpet can also be heard on cds by Dead Man Ray (Berchem), dEUS (In a Bar under the Sea, The Ideal Crash), Gorky (Monstertje), Zita Swoon (Sunrise), and many more, forming a total of over 60 cds.

On De Nachten 2002 he introduced the project Kreng, an electronic band with Pepijn Caudron on electronics and a guitar player.

He also plays with Toine Thys and the band Rackham.