Bulgarka Junior Quartet was established in 1989 in the city of Plovdiv with the help of the Rumiana Tsintsarska (who, together with Marcel Sellier, produced the legendary Bulgarian choir “The Mystery of Bulgarian voices”). The four singers of Bulgarka junior quartet are ex-soloists of the famous “Trakia” ensemble from Plovdiv – definitely one of Bulgaria’s most polished music performing institutions.

The quartet’s music maintains that marvelous balance between the Orient and the West, tradition and avant-garde. The purity of their voices commands respect and emotion. With Bulgarka Junior Quartet we could discover the four vocal parts of a Bulgarian choral group but within a chamber music format.

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Each one of the singers comes from four different Bulgarian folklore areas (Strandja, the Rhodopes, Strandja-Sakar and Thrace) and this specificity enhances their repertoire. In fact, the absence of a leader in the group obliges each of the members to give a new dimension to the songs which they have collected in their respective families or regions (more often from elder generations).

Singing for them is a family tradition and way of life. All these, besides the fact that they have musical education, contribute to their professional development. Each of them has recorded for the national radio and private productions like soloists. Due to their popularity they have paved the way for other vocal quartets. The mystery of Bulgarian voices resides in this expression, high pitch and sparkling, only the Bulgarian countrywomen forged by centuries of tradition can achieve it.

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