Carmine Ugo Mariano (November 12, 1923 – June 16, 2009) was an American jazz alto saxophonist. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts and died in Cologne, Germany.
Mariano was the son of Italian immigrants.
Besides his work and recordings with acclaimed jazz musicians, he was best known for his use of a traditional Indian wind instrument – the world’s loudest – called the nadaswaram, which is similar to the shehnai, another North Indian, hardwood wind instrument.

He played with one of the Stan Kenton big bands, Toshiko Akiyoshi (his then wife), Charles Mingus, Eberhard Weber, the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble, Embryo and numerous other notable bands and musicians.
Mariano moved to Europe in the 1970s and with his painter wife Dorothee Zippel settled eventually in Köln, Germany, where he died in his sleep on June 16, 2009.
Mariano had six daughters, including soul/jazz singer Monday Michiru from his marriage with Toshiko Akiyoshi, six grandchildren and two great-granddaughters.