Satirist, singer, comedian, militant and actor: Claude Semal has been creating odd and occasionally touching music and shows for years in Belgium. He was noted internationally for his roles in Jan Bucquoy’s “Camping Cosmos” and Lucas Belvaux’s “La raison du plus faible”.

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He reinvented the song recital with “Odes to my shower,” blasted the “Moules, Frites” in “Le Cimetière des Belges”, played with the most popular bands in the depths of Wallonia, aligned columns of deep irony in the press opinion, founded and led “Le Theatre Le Café” in Brussels…

He recorded three LP’s, 10 CD’s and produced a dozen shows, including “Music Hall”, “Ma première tournée Mondiale””, “Oedipe à la ferme”, the “Chaussettes Célibataires” and “Cabaretje”.

He founded his own theatre company in Belgium (Le théâtre du Chien Ecrasé). We have seen him in the movies “La Raison du plus” of Lucas Belvaux. He writes a regular column in the Belgian Ecology magazine: Imagine. He played in summer 2007 at the Avignon Festival two of his shows: Cabaretje (with Eric Drabs) at the Theatre des Doms and Oedipe à la ferme(with Ivan Fox).

He recorded in autumn 2007 its tenth album (Belgik / Francamour) and prepares for 2010 a Live DVD.

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