Danza winds and relaxes, bearing traditions and dreams. The worlds it evokes are successively airy, deep, bumpy, lush and arid. Four free spirits that continuously re-invent the acoustic hierarchy.

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The quartet’s structure is mobile, the roles of soloist, leader or accompanier are as fluid as the airs they play. The music has its won dream-like logic that mixes traditional themes. Forthright and unaffected, it enables the musicians to tap into their creativity . Danza reveals itself in a parade of evocatively-named tunes: “Empire Romain”, “Farfalle”, “La Chinoise” and “Matteo” that radiate charm and cheeky energy.
Aline Janssens

Luc Evens studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with H. Hatzigeorgiou and A. Massart. He frequently works for Musiques du Monde, together with the Brasilian group Macau, with Keletegui and Fasselli Diabate from Mali and with the Tunisian Sinouj. In Europe, he has performed with K. Defoort, G. Orti, A. Prawerman, E. Vann, G. De Masure, Y. Youssef, F. Venerucci, and played with groups like Octum, Vegetal Beauty, O, Koba, Switch.

Hughes Kolp, at the age of sixteen, started his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Liège where he obtains the First Prize for guitar in 1993 under G. Mohino’s mastership. Three years later, the Conservatory decerns him the First Prize for flute and a superior diploma for Chamber Music. He has had the pleasure to perform as a soloist with the Orchestra of Roumania and the Brabant Orkest of Eindhoven, at the Ars Musica Festival and at the Internatinal Guitar Festival ( Brussels ). He is a member of the contemporary ensemble « Musiques Nouvelles ».

Renaud Van Hooland studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with B. Castellucci, where he obtained the First Prize for drums. He has performed or performs with A. Prawerman, L. Blondiau, M. Locurcio, J. Dumoulin, L. Marthe, S. Payen, P. Vervloesem, in projects such as Studio Pagol, Vegetal Beauty, Sayma, Speaking T.

Jan Rzewski has studied at the « Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio » (Rome ) and at the Royal Conservatory in Liège, where he obtained the First Prize for Improvisation in the Master Class of G. List. He performs or has performed with Koba, White Wine Dark Grapes, Arno en Fanfare, Sonic Youth, MEV , Abdo Dagher Ensemble ( Cairo )… and has composed for the Flanders’ Orchestra, as part of a hommage to F. Zappa and for the contemporary ensemble Ictus ( Brussels ).

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