Denis Pousseur was born in 1958 in Malmedy. Son of the famous Belgian composer Henri Pousseur, he meets, from an early age, the world of contemporary music. However, these are the areas of rock and jazz that the young artist approaches in his debut as a pianist/keyboardist and composer.

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He studied theory and classical piano, composition and improvisation in Paris and at the Conservatoire de Liège. Denis Pousseur is passionate in relationship between music and other forms of expression. Thus, he composes accompaniments for silent films, documentary films or theater.

Contemporary music is, according to the composer, in a total impasse. His artistic aim away from the majority of composers of this time which are trying to develop their own artistic language. Denis Pousseur, by contrast, focuses on the common language given by history and the foundation in classical music, a solid base from which comes his invention and imagination.

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