Didier Laloy started learning the diatonic accordion at the age of 13, attending workshops with noted players such as Bruno Le Tron, Marc Perrone and Jean-Pierre Yvert. For several years already, he has been considered as one of the most active musicians in the revival of the diatonic accordion in Europe. His ease on stage, ability to address all types of music and his human qualities make him a very popular musician that has played on no fewer than 120 albums. He is also a founding member of many groups. His first personal project with his own compositions was the double CD “S-Tres/version originale” in 19XX. This was followed by “Didier Laloy invite… s”, [Po – Z] s, Black’s, seamstress (music and theatre), Didier Laloy/Tuur Florizoone. He is also a founding member of Samurai, a quintet of European diatonic accordions.

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