By training, Emmanuel Baily comes from the world of classical music. He is also active as an arranger and composer in a vein that is close to contemporary music. Spontaneously, he leans towards baroque, classical and contemporary music – and jazz standards.

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He has worked with Wang Wei 4tet, the Langues étrangères (theatre), Bow (dance), Brouhaha (young audiences) Orchestra Vivo! Directed by Garrett List, Kind of Pink (Philippe Laloy), Alefba, Conference of the Birds (Fabrizio Cassol), André Borbé and Joris Vanvinckenroye (Aranis).

As part of his carte blanche at the Gaume Jazz festival 2015, Emmanuel was accompanied by 4 musicians from different musical spheres: Xavier Rogé on drums, Lambert Colson on the cornett, Khaled Aljaramani on the oud and Jean-François Foliez on clarinet. With this group, he recorded the first album under his own name for Igloo Records’ imprint Iglectic.

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