After studying at the IAD (section ‘arts dramatiques’) in Louvain La Neuve, François Decamps studies classical music at the ‘Conservatoire Royal’ of Mons.

1989-1992 : Degree Bachelor of Arts, Major in performance with mention “Magna cum Laudae” at the Berklee College of Music, Boston (USA) Instrument: guitar.
He also studied piano, guitar, solfège, histoire de la musique, harmony at the Royal Acadamy of Mons.

1988-1989 : studies improvisation and jazz harmony with guitarist/composer Pierre Van Dormael.

Teaching experience :
1992-1993 : teaches guitar and jazz harmony in private lessons and private schools.
1994 : teaches guitar, ensemble, arranging and jazz harmony at the Antwerp Jazz Studio.
1995 : heads the department composition and arrangement at the Antwerp Jazz Studio.
Creates the class ‘Line Writing” : modern linear writing concept for brass section (Antwerp).
1996 : Teaches in the jazz department of the Antwerp Conservatory.
Writes two textbooks, for arranging and Line Writing.

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Various musical experiences at the Berklee Collegee of Music (USA) and on the Boston scene.
1989-1992 : Recording sessions at Berklee studios under the supervision of Greg Hopkins, Mike Scott and Ken Pullig.
Participated at Berklee in multiple ensembles, from small to big band.
Writes his first big band charts, some of them played in public at the Berklee Performance Center (class of Herb Pomeroy) and even receives a “Grant Award”.
Gigs and concerts in various clubs of Boston, a.o. with George Garzone, Herb Pomeroy and Greg Hopkins.

Back in Belgium, François Decamps develops his activities in several fields :

1992 : he composes and conducts the sountrack for the film “TOMA” (Martin Declève), which includes a suite for string quartet and tenor sax, played a.o. by the Ponticelli quartet.

Many recording sessions with sound engineer Michel Lecloux (LAD et JET studio).
1998-1999 : composes the soundtrack for cartoons (studio 352 Luxemburg) : Odyssée de l’Hyppocampe,what’s your poison, trailer for tv stations such as Canal + , Canal J , BBC Children, France 3.

He participates as an arranger and a guitarist to the second CD of Tomas & Co (produced by Franc Amour & Sowarex) with a.o. ZAP MAMA, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Michel Massot, Stéphane Galland, Nicolas Thys, Joe Higham…

Creates a jazz course at the “Académie Royale de Beloeil”.

Studies computer music at the C.I.M (Paris).

Plays the jazz Tours of the Lundis d’Hortense with the band SOUL and SOUR Quartet, with Marek Pratman drums (Czech), Edouard Ferlet (organ, piano, Paris) and Piet Verbist (double bass).

François Decamps regularly works and writes arrangements for TOMAS & CO.

He also wrote some arrangements for Félix Simtaine’s Ten-Tamarre.

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