Ghalia Ben Ali is a Tunisian singer based in Brussels, Belgium and with a strong connection to India.
Ghalia’s fluid voice and compositional ambitions absorb a full circle of wide influences from Arabic folk and jazz traditions to contemporary chillout and Indian Classical knowledge.
Always surprising and restless by nature, Ghalia’s work is endlessly inventive and can shift seamlessly between genres and cultural traditions with an individuality devoid of fear or contrivance. She uses classical arab language, the language of alchemy, when a word reveals its numerous sides to whom understand it.
Eyond the verb, comes her compositional musicality that bewitches the dreamer and approach Shaekespearian universality.
Ghalia, on stage in this world, sings esoteric verbs with a sensual voice, dances the world, design visuals and shift seamlessly between genres and cultural traditions while reinventing herself endlessly.
Ghalia’s current project include: Romeo & Leila : a ReOriental Fairytale featuring occidental and oriental classical musicians Ghalia sings Om Kalthoum : a rare rendition of Om Kalthoum Al Palna : Secret Society for New Vedic Rituals
As of June 2009, Ghalia is also currently working with The Spy from Cairo on some dance tracks and boards on a catalysing year of unconventional and highly surprising musical projects!!