Greg Lamy is «a guitarist with a promising future, whose guitar sound is refreshing and pure and creates di erent melodic climates through his smooth playing.» (Lionel Loueke). He has taken to the stages of many clubs and festivals in Europe and New York – the 55 Bar in Greenwich Village, Knitting Factory and Winter Jazz Festival. Often invited as a guest player, he has also created his own quartet with sax-player Johannes Müller, drummer Jean-Marc Robin and double-bassist Gautier Laurent. This formation has been playing since 2007 and recorded three albums, “I See You” (2009), “Meeting” (2013) ans «Press Enter» (2016). The four musicians play with osmosis close to alchemy. The Greg Lamy Quartet is an ins- piring and demanding formation where the pleasure comes from playing together, being oneself and one of several at the same time.