Guillaume started playing guitar at the age of 7, under the influence of his father, a country guitarist. He later studied classical guitar and jazz at the academies of Huy under Alain Pierre and Amay under Philippe Doyen.


Guillaume then continued his studies at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels where he studied under teachers such as Arnould Massart, Pirly Zurstrassen, Fabien Degryse and Paolo Radoni. He also took part in numerous masterclasses and workshops with artists such as Kurt Rossenwinkel, Antonio Sanchez, Philip Catherine, Jonathan Kreisberg and Mike Moreno.


In 2015, Guillaume released his first album (« New Feel« , on Igloo Records) at the helm of the LG Jazz Collective, a septet that brought together the young vanguard of Belgian jazz and became one of the most in-demand new jazz groups in the country. The album, written and arranged by the leader, was a frank success and was awarded an Octave of Music as « Best jazz album » in 2016.


In 2016, Guillaume launched Harvest Group, whose debut album « Songwriter » was nominated in the category « Best jazz album 2016« . A release from a deep writer, with nostalgic, intimate music at the borders of jazz and folk. Belgium’s leading newspaper Le Soir went as far as to say that, « Guillaume Vierset is the songwriter of Belgian jazz« .


Two years later, he released « Strange Deal » (Igloo Records, 2018), the septet’s second album. Acclaimed by Belgian and international critics, the group had grown in power, and had become a reference.  “A fresh wind is blowing across the Belgian jazz landscape,”wrote La Capitale.


With « Harvest Group »  in 2019, Guillaume Vierset slipped into second gear. He went looking for new sounds, horizons, and textures. Inspired by a trip to the American west, he released « Nacimiento Road », a second album where folk accents are more clearly pronounced. He defined the music as, « modern jazz in folk for today… ».


« A guitarist that is constantly searching, both in the way he improvises and composes. In love with standards and tradition, over time Guillaume has forged a fluid and modern phrasing, a sound, lyricism and a writing style that has become his trademark.»


Guillaume Vierset has become an indispensable figure in Belgium’s music scene. He stands out as a leader and sideman in several projects that have marked the musical scene in Belgium and beyond (Harvest Group, LG Jazz Collective, Typh Barrow, Sacha Toorop, Thomas Champagne, Emily Allison, Bravo Big Band etc…).