Born in 1984, Jean-François FOLIEZ started to study his instrument at the age of 4 years. At 16, he started to play tenor saxophone and improvisation with the big band of Liège and in various formations. He has studied at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, classical clarinet with Jean-Pierre Peuvion and Benjamin Dietels and has participated in a masterclass with Eddie Daniels and private lessons with Steve Houben.

He plays in many formations: JF Foliez’s Playground (compositions clarinetist), Music 4 While (baroque music given to the style of the day Johan Dupont) O.S. Quintet (tribute to Benny Goodman, Bobby Jaspar), 3 J Trio (New Orleans jazz), Vivo (Euro-regional orchestra Garrett List), The Barons Swing (swing cabaret show with dancers 20 years), After night (rhythm and blues ), Gypsy Swing Quintet (jazz manouche with Christophe Lartilleux) the 3 Mirlitons (trio of clarinets – contemporary music under the direction of Jean-Pierre Peuvion)

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He participated in the recording of 4 albums on Igloo Records: Orchestra ViVo Garret List, Music 4 a while and Emmanuel Baily (Night Stork) and finally, his personal project, JF Foliez’s Playground (Lagune).

He had the opportunity to play with Steve Houben, Guy Cabay Christophe Lartilleux, the Chiva Gantiva Johan Dupont, Yves Teicher, André Klenes, Casimir Liberski Martin Méreau, Fabian Fiorini, Vilmos Csikos Tcha Limberger, Atila Ican, Jacques Pirotton Samuel Gerstmans Stephan Pougin Desire Some, Quentin Liegeois, Manu Bally, Etienne Plumer …

He has participated in numerous festivals: Jazz in cork, Gouvy Jazz Festival, Festival Labeaume music, Gaume Jazz Festival, Festival musiq 3, minimal lunch Festival …

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