Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori aka J.K.L was born in 1984 into a small town called Orivesi. When he was one year old his family moved to a bigger city, Jyväskylä. He grew up in a musical family. Everyone of his family is a professional musician (and most of his cousins too. Kalevi..s first instrument at the age of 9 was the drumset. Few years later his mother gave him a trumpet. First years he didn..t really practise but because of his attraction to a beautiful girl on his class who played cornet, he decided to practise more to get her attention. His elder brother Olavi is one of the most important reasons for Kalevi to start listening to Jazz. When he was 15 years old, Olavi already had a jazz trio ( called Joona Toivanen trio) which had gigs all over Finland. He played a few years every Tuesday and Saturday in the Jazz Bar with the trio in a jam session. This experience gave him new perspectives on how to play music.

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These days J.K.L has many own bands for example Sun-trio, which won the Young Nordic Jazz Competition held in Reykjavik, Iceland, in October 2006. He also got the soloist prize in the competition. The legendary CAM JAZZ RECORDS released already two of their albums. The Northern Governors is his newest band. Almost all of the band members are his cousins which includes Tuomo Prättälä, Osmo Ikonen, Aili /Tuuli&Heini Ikonen, Petteri & Jyri Sariola, Heikki Tuhkanen and Linda Fredriksson. This super group will release their first album on 28th of march 2012 for the legendary BLUE NOTE. Check it out:

J.K.L has been touring and giving workshops around the world, for example in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, United States and all around Europe… He is also a composer, arranger, songwriter, educator and a producer. He..s composing music for various ensembles including big bands. He..s not only creating new elements to jazz but also to R&B, funk, reggae, afrobeat, hip-hop, soul, ska, acoustic music etc.He has performed with many famous musicians such as Bob Mintzer, Al Foster, Sean Jones, Terell Stafford, Bryan Lynch, Jukka Perko, Teppo Mäkynen, Ingrid Jensen, Dave Liedman, Hugh Masekela, Randy Brecker, just to name a few. You can hear his sound in various bands such as Sun trio, T.N.G, Yona & Orkesteri Liikkuvat Pilvet, Big Blue, Hanne Pulli & Space Machine, Mighty Mighty Sextet, Piirpauke, Ricky Tick Big Band etc.

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