Percussionist, composer and producer, Khalid Kouhen was born in Morocco and lives in France since 1978. Brought up with the traditional music of Morocco, he opened up to new musical sounds: Brazilian, African, Afro-Cuban, Indian and Jazz. Playing a large range of instruments, he has performed with outstanding musicians such as Archie Shepp, Manu Dibango, Glen Ferris, Marc Ducret, Syvain Luc, Olivier Ker Ourio, Driss El Maloumi, Pandit Shankar to name a few. Kouhen has become one of the most talented tablas players in Europe, and he shows the incredible advantage to master different instruments and musical rhythms from North Africa, the Middle East. That global knowledge plus his personal approach of music, which is as open as it can be, made him the ideal percussion player to be in this cross cultural project.