Léo Kupper was born in avril 16, 1935 in Nidrum, Belgium. Composer and theorician, he worked with Henri Pousseur at the first electronic music studio in Belgium, Apelac (1959-62) and was founder and director of the Studio de Recherches et de Structurations Electroniques Auditives in Brussels (1967) created Sound Domes in Roma, Linz, Venezia and Avignon (1977-87).

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In thirty years, he composed around 35 pieces of electronic music, vocal and instrumental music, midi and computer music and wrote about his own research in the field of phonetic and vocal music, musical machines and psycho-acoustices (space perception and diffusion). Leo Kupper is also a fine performer on the Persian santur – he studiedn with the famour santur player Hossein Malek in Tehran.

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