Lokwa Itoko, also known as Lokas, was born in Kisangani in 1962.His music is a real symbiosis of sounds against a background of acoustic guitar and percussion, with a choir that is charming, inspiring and bewitching. Both vocalist and guitarist, Lokas sings gently in a rich voice that fills his listeners’ ears and moves them deeply. The theme of these snapshots of life sketched out on the guitar is the coming and going of love.

From the age of seven, he was part of Chem Chem Yetu and Misha Misha: a choir of young singers and dancers which excelled in traditional Christian music. He gave his first amateur concert at the age of 15, then kicked off his professional career in 1980 with Yenga Yenga Junior’s Casques Bleus. In 1999, armed with an acoustic guitar, Lokwa set up his own group, Lokas, in a new genre. With its show Etoko, which means ‘Source’, the group turned resolutely towards traditional Congolese music, while remaining open to external influences (jazz, blues, Afro-Cuban rhythms, etc.)