Michel Debrulle studied music in Liège, and attending the improvisation classes of US tromboner player Garrett LIST, with whom he was to collaborate at a later stage for various projects. Attracted by the most avant garde forms of jazz and improvised music, he formed TRIO BRAVO with two prominent Belgian musicians, alto saxophone player Fabrizio Cassol and trombone/tuba player Michel Massot.

The trio recorded several albums for the IGLOO label and soon toured through whole Europe with a great success. Michel Debrulle also played with several contemporary music projects, for composer Henri Pousseur. He participated in LA GRANDE FORMATION with Garrett List.

After a few years, the TRIO BRAVO formula was superceded by Trio Grande, with French saxophonist/clarinet player. This collaboration with Laurent Dehors expanded, as Michel Debrulle joined Laurent’s amazing big band TOUS DEHORS. Michel Debrulle is very active on the French and European scene.