The”half en half” (pronounced”halvenalf”) is a mixture of white wine and champagne which is drunk in some of the better establishments in Brussels. It is a reference to the hybrid side of our repertoire and performances: classic to café, accompaniment of singers, recording of film music, animations of every sort, and not forgetting more traditional concerts.

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At the outset, in 1983, our ambition was quite modest: to discover the quartet repertoire between friends around a drink. Our meeting with the French singer William Sheller opened up new horizons for us. He brought us to the stages of popular concerts and made the group more tight, opening the door to a circuit beyond that of classical music and which was fed by original experiences – John Lurie, Hector Zazou, Daniell Schell, Christian Leroy, Ivan Georgiev…

Needless to say, we worked on the classics of the quartet, but our hearts remain in the creation of original works whose aesthetics are tonal, yet accessible to people who do not necessarily frequent concert halls.

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