Born in Liège on April 27, 1932, Robert Jeanne discovered Jazz in 1949 through the records of Charlie Parker. He made his real debut in 1952 in amateur orchestras. Around 1955, he began playing regularly with the Thomas/Pelzer tandem in Belgium and Germany.

In 1960 formed a quartet with Léo Flechet (p), Jean Lerusse (cb) and Félix Simtaine (drs) which proved to have exceptional longevity and accompanied Thomas and Pelzer on numerous occasions, but also passing soloists like Chet Baker, Bill Coleman, Dizzy Reece, Dusko Gojkovich, Slide Hampton etc… With this quartet he participates in numerous European festivals and tournaments (Spa, Dunkirk, Viersen, Vienna, Zurich etc…) with a first prize at Beek en Donk (NL ).

In 1978 he joined Félix Simtaine’s Act Big Band. In 1980 he was part of Saxo Mille, a wonderful phalanx of saxophonists (Pelzer, Houben, Ruocco, Jeanne, Solbach) united in a tribute to Jaspar / Thomas. In 1983 he recorded his first album as a leader (Second Live) with Léo Flechet, André Klénes (cb) and Stefan Kremer (drs).

Little by little his quartet changes with the passage of musicians such as Pirli Zurstrassen, Erik Vermeulen, Sal La Rocca, José Bedeur, Frédéric Jacquemin and new disc in 1992 with Mimi Verderame (guit), Sal La Rocca (cb) and Frédéric Jacquemin (drs). In 1994 he joined the Chapuis Srteet Big Band and in 1996 in the octet set up by Mimi Verderame Jazz Addiction Band. In 1998 he participated in the Saint – Louis Jazz Festival in Senegal in a quartet with Mimi Verderame, Sal La Rocca and Ivan Paduart (pn) and in 1999, a tour in Nicaragua with the same quartet.