Born in 1975, Romain Renard has always oscillated between music and drawing. Award-winning comic book author at Casterman, his universe focuses on the foggy atmospheres of the thriller, the disturbing colors of the circus, on dreams, on travel, so many climates that we find in his texts and his music. R. Renard is the author of “American season, Clara and the dwarves” and “The end, Jim Morrison” at Casterman.

“What matters most to me is the storytelling. Whether graphic or sung.”

Founded by Romain Renard, the ROM group is characterized by its impressionistic side made of “rock” energy, an electric sound and a percussive rhythm. An improvisation sometimes reminiscent of Jazz, supported by a basic rhythm carried by the bass and the drums, accompany a sometimes rough singing made of psalms, heavy, dark and suffocating atmospheres.

We will hear sounds close to Tom Waits, Kurt Weill or Arthur H. The texts of the songs with deep lyrics describe desperate, romantic and baroque moods around a noisy and wild universe which goes from piano ballads to the darkest primitive blues

We talk about travel, meetings, mood and distant horizons…

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