Soriba has accompanied and/or recorded with big names in the musical world: Peter Gabriel, Youssou N’Dour, Dizzy Gillespie, Salif Keita, Paolo Fresu… Soriba Kouyaté, today considered one of the best Kora players of the world, already has 4 albums to his credit, some of which are accompanied by jazz training. Ray Lema said of him: “Soriba released the Kora from its prison”.

Soriba Kouyaté was introduced to Kora by his father at the age of five. He was so young when he started that he had to climb onto a family stool to play this instrument. Seeing the eldest of his seven sons become passionate about this African harp, Mamadou Kouyaté initiated him so that in the future, he would accompany him in his performances around the world. Soriba therefore works on her instrument tirelessly in order to one day be able to follow her father across other continents.

At the age of thirteen, his father gave him his passport and said: “Soriba, you are now ready to play in front of the world. From today, you will accompany me.” He therefore followed his father and made himself known to the Kings and Presidents of many countries. They played together this music of Morello tradition and originating from the Mandingo Empire. Throughout his adolescence, Soriba searched, experimented and found new sounds, rigorously developing an unusual and unique technique.

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