Teun (April ’75) first picked up the drums by the age of eight. After two summer courses with drummer Dre Pallemaerts he went to the Conservatory of Brussels where he was taught by Hans Van Oosterhout. Since graduating from this school in 1999, he became one of the most in demand sideman in lots of different bands and musical styles in no time.

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His search for a personal touch and wanting to explore all possibilities of playing music and drums, his lack of boundaries and styles and trying to find fresh sounds and freedom in collective improvisation made him work (as sideman) with: Alexi Tuomarila 4tet and Trio, Jef Neve Trio, FES. Fes did the first part of Mike Patton’s Fantomâs during 10 Europe dates. VVG trio Karanova (featuring Hilmar Jensson, Johann Johannssonn from Iceland and Mauro Pawlowski from Belgium), Molo Trio, Jambangle, Rackham, Pascal Schumacher 4tet, “4”, JojoBa, Streams, Silent Song, Jozef Dumoulin Trio,… He worked as a sideman and leader with musicians such as Paolo Fresu (with Jef Neve trio), Uri Cain (With FES), Erwin Vann, Jean Phillippe Viret, Hilmar Jennson, Ernst Reyseger, Jimi Tenor, Toots Thielemans (with FES), Fred Vanhove, Trevor Dunn, Magic Malik, Shelley Burgon, Andrew d’Angelo, Fred Vanhove, Marc Helias, Giovanni Mirrabassi, Edouard Ferlet, Eric Vloeimans, Benny Lackner, Anton Goudsmidt, Harmen Fraanje, John Watts (Fischer Z), Matts Eilertsen, Michel Hatzi (aka moon),Louis Clavis (with FES), Peter Hertmans, Natalie Lorriers, Diederik Wissels, David Lynx, Bart Defoort, Kris Defoort, Arif Durvesh (Knitting Shawney), Kevin Armstrong (Iggy Pop), Pierre Vervloesem, Bart De Nolf, Manu Hermia, Sal La Rocca, Erik Vermeulen, Antton Walgraeve, Tom Wolf, Monsoon, Pieter Embrechts, Point Zéro, Cesarius Gadzina, Marco Locurcio,jacques Pirroton, Steve Houben, Melanie de Biasio, Toine Thys, Nic Thys, Hein Van de Gein … Teun goes on tour with some of these bands a lot. He has played on Festivals in Scandinavia, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, Iceland, Canada, Japan, Austria, Bermuda’s, England, Tunisia, Morocco, France, Venice, Bermuda Islands, Holland, United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Poland, … He played at the EuroJazzfestival in Greece with Alexi Tuomarila, Jef Neve, “4” and Pascal Schumacher and played on the same festival in Mexico City with Jef Neve. He played a lot at big festivals such as North Sea, Vancouver, Blue Note, Jazz Middelheim, April Jazz, Gexco Jazz, Kaamos Jazz, Montreal Jazz, Dour,… Teun was also invited by Jazz Middelheim to open their 25 Jubilee Festival with the program called “Around a Drummer” and he also got a “carte blanche” at the 2005 Time Festival, Ghent. Did support acts for bands as : Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, Brad Mehldau Trio, John Zorn’s Moonchild, Paul Bley, Brandford Marsalis 4tet, Joey Baron’s Killer Joe, Mike Patton’s Fantomâs, John Zorn’s Electric Masada, Charley Haden Band, John Abercrombie 4tet, Andrew d’Angelo Trio,…

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