Drummer Tom Bruno has been a member of the New York City Artists Collective for the past 25 years; one of the original dwellers in the building at 501 Canal St which also housed David S. Ware and Cooper-Moore during the early 70s loft scene days. Self-determinancy, distrust of the biz, and a headspace running strict to the music being the reasons his name is not on the list of better known quantum leaps.

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AUM Fidelity

“Best known, if at all, as the thundering percussive backbone of NYC subway quartet TEST, Bruno has actually had a long career underneath the city of New York jamming through the commuter frenzy at Grand Central Terminal or under Times Square since the early ’80s.”

David Keenan, The Wire

“For many years he worked as a fixture in the subway terminals of New York City. Under the pavement he was often an ensemble of one knocking out his own unmistakable panrhythmic cadence on all manner of pared down drum kit aggregations. He’s since moved above ground and is now best known as the drum dynamo behind the guerrilla jazz juggernaut TEST, a take-no-prisoners quartet that also counts among its ranks Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen and Matt Heyner.”

All About Jazz

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