Tuta Ngoma or ‘Beating drums’ was set up in Kinshasa in 1975 on the initiative of Basunga Mundele, a product of the famous group of young singers and dancers Chem Chem Yetu and the percussion group Elima.

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Tuta Ngoma also seeks to offer training to percussionists, singers and dancers, who explore the rhythms of traditional music and dances from all the tribes of the DRC. The musicians are chosen from amongst the most talented tam-tam players, and devote themselves to studying the classical rhythms of the Congo in all their diversity, so as to then interpret them in personal arrangements. The group has created and produced a number of shows in Kinshasa and elsewhere since 1975. Tuta Ngoma has also taken part in international workshops with performers such as the Belgian jazz musicians Philip Catherine and Toots Thielemans.

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