The ‘West Music Club’ jazz big band was born in 1969. In 2014, we will celebrate 45 years of swing. In 2014, we will celebrate 25 years under musical direction of Richard Rousselet. Since his arrival, Richard always had several objectives: Open the ‘West’ to actual trends, respect tradition of Jazz Master from the 30s (Duke Ellington, Count Basie, etc..), bring Jazz to everyone. The ‘West’ stands out immediately due to his very specific sound, thanks to the unusual presence of the flute, rarely included in other big bands.

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There’s a fantastic relationship between the rhythm section and the ‘blowers’, playing together with lots of feelings and coolness. Soloists from each section are also given the space to express themselves. The West Music Club offers you Swing, Happiness, Dance and the pleasure of playing jazz music for our audiences. The ‘West’ is also to be noticed on the human side: the oldest musician is aged 92 and the youngest is barely 16. We’re all together ‘in the mood’ for Jazz, Swing, happiness and beauty.

Piano: Xavier Bouillon, Gilles Carlier
Double bass: Alain Dhamen, Philippe Thomas
Electric bass: Thomas Pechot
Drums: David Demuynck
Guitar: Jean-François Hanoteau
Flûtes: Isabelle Guerin
Clarinet: Arnaud Dupire
Trumpets: Luc Jaivenois, Jaak Govaere, Marie-Anne Standaert, Massimo Staquet, Maxime Van Heghe
Trombones: Fred Parmentier, Didier Bonte, Jean-Pierre Pottiez, Jean-René Doumont, Johan Van Coppenolle, Francis De Vilder
Alto saxes: Thomas Dewattripont, Thomas Van Ingelgem, Julien Cuvelier, Jessica Themelin
Tenor saxes: Stéphane Letot, Gérard Mourin, Bernard Dezutter, Arnaud Dupire
Baritone Sax: Jean-Paul Donck
Vocals: Chrystel Wautier, Julie Dumilieu, Chris Simon

Conductor: Richard Roussselet
Artistic manager: Michel Paré.

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