Born in 1978 in Vaison-la-Romaine in France, Yann Lecollaire is clarinetist and composer. He has recorded two albums with the group “Phonetic” and an album with the great ensemble of Marc Ducret, “The direction of travel”. Yann Lecollaire worked also with Bruno Chevillon, Eric Echampard, Olivier Lete, Emilie Lessors, Lionel Garcin, Laurent Blondiau …

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In 2010, he wrote and recorded the music on the feature film “The Phantom of the Opera” (Ruppert Jullian-1927). In 2011, he created a music performance directed by Fabien Dariel around magic and rituals, incantations 3. In the frame of festival BE> <PL, he composed the music on a part of the Polish playwright Wojciech Ziemilski, “Little narration”. He also composed the music for quintet chamber on a series of short films ranging from documentary to experimental film, music created “bouillon cube” festival in Nimes in May 2012. He currently resides in Brussels, always remaining very active in the area of the composition. He plays in the Black Light Orchestra, Ananke, Tout finira bien and its MÛ group.

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