Among the young generation of trumpet players, Jean Paul Estiévenart is an incredible artist that shares his talent with style and elegance. He is a virtuoso, needless to say. But more than that, his playing is refined and precise – an artist that can take risks with an ability to improvise and a sensitivity that captivates and charms his audience.

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Flanked by solid talents from the Belgian scene, Sam Gerstmans on double bass and Antoine Pierre on drums, Jean-Paul Estiévenart is presenting his first album as a trio: ‘Wanted’ (W.E.R.F. Records), with the noted Spanish sax player Perico Sambeat (Pat Metheny, Brad Meldhau, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Michael Brecker) as a guest. This three-piece is a continuation of the long tradition of the trio without piano, while also taking very contemporary directions. The group’s music showcases the creativity of each player. Sam Gerstmans is a solid double bass player, adept and inventive, with a recognizable, very acoustic sound. He has become one of the key players in Belgian jazz. He plays and records with musicians that need no introduction, such as Steve Houben, Philip Catherine, David Linx, Bert Joris or Soledad. As for the drummer Antoine Pierre, his playing is rich, creative and of exceptional musical intelligence. He is already recognized as a young talent, Philip Catherine’s regular drummer and one of today’s most in-demand players. The trio largely plays original themes composed by Estiévenart. This magnificent repertoire gives each musician enough space to give their best and together follows paths that are sometimes subtle and delicate, and at other times vigorously energetic.

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