Saxophonist John Van Rymenant has always been a man of curiosity and experiments.

Originally a musician with a jazz background, he always favored the edges of jazz, free jazz, rock and fusion music.

He was among the first ones in Belgium to integrate live electronics and other new media, such as the electric saxophone.

In the seventies, he was involved in rock groups such as Waterloo or the alternative rock band Jellyfish.

In the eighties, he released a couple of LPs under his name on the Igloo label :

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“Memory stop” (Igloo IGL 009)
with Michel Galasso : “Scan lines” (Igloo IGL 025).
He also appears on other albums , such as “From here to drums”, by Geoff Leigh and Frank Wuyts, and collaborated with the avant-guard band of saxophonist Babs Robert, with Johnny Brouwers (p), Paul Dubois (b) and Johnny Peret (vibes, drs) and Robert Pernet (drs). He appears on the album “Babs Robert and the love planet” (Alpha)

He played with many musicians in very contrasted contexts, a.o. Byard Lancaster, Geoff Leigh, Frank Wuyts, Michel Herr, Doug Lucas, etc…

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