Current member of The Toon Roos Quartet, The Benjamin Herman Trio or The Philip Catherine trio/quartet, he recorded several cd’s, with e.g. Amsterdam Jazz quintet, Glenn Miller Orchestra and Philip Catherine.

Joost van Schaik, is born in 1974 in Zwolle, started playing drums at the age of six and took his first lessons when he was ten. At the age of twelve he played Dixieland in the group of his father.

During that time he also got interested in the modern jazz of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. At the age of sixteen he entered the preparing year at the Zwolle conservatory, combined with private lessons from some of Holland’s best jazz drummers like John Engels, HenkZomer and Han Bennink. When he was eighteen he entered the Conservatory in Hilversum, where he studied e.g. with Marcel Serierse and Cees Kranenburg.