At a moment in the history of our development, Liège was for us a “pretty how town” also called “Cité Ardente”.

It was at the time when Liège was swinging again (remember René Thomas, Jacques Pelzer, Bobby Jaspar,…) in the bars, the clubs, the venues and above all, as unique and strange as it can seem, in its Conservatory. Nothing comes amiss to it – Ash-Dance.

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Almost ten years later, this sap swollen by life and so many musical experiments (Trio Bravo, Ensemble Synonymes, Nasa Na, Helix, Glasnotes…) has given birth to a tree, strong of all those ramifications.

This tree looks like a reed (shaken by the storm) fed with the whole knowledge and generosity of a great gardener. His name? Henri Pousseur.

This recording is dedicated to him.

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