With several awards to their name (Leffe Jazz Nights 2012, Octaves de la Musique 2015) and a widely-acclaimed first album (‘New Feel’, 2014), LG Jazz Collective presents their second album ‘Strange Deal’ in January 2018.

Once again, guitarist Guillaume Vierset is behind all the compositions and arrangements. He is accompanied by trumpetist Jean-Paul Estiévenart, tenor sax-player Steven Delannoye, double-bass player Félix Zurstrassen and drummer Antoine Pierre. Alex Koo now replaces Igor Gehenot on piano and Rob Banken is the septet’s new alto sax-player.

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Feel free to call them the Magnificent Seven of the young Belgian scene.

‘Strange Deal’ does not orbit around the guitar alone. On the contrary, Guillaume pulls all he can from the characteristics and variables of his musician partners to produce a strong and dynamic group sound.

The link with the jazz tradition is still there, as is the project’s acoustic feel. This is because the LG Jazz Collective does not need electronic subterfuges. The dynamics are mostly based on strong, well-constructed melodies. The septet is organic and builds its music according to its own rules, to which each adds their own touch.

The basic structures and interpretation feel more complex and deeper than on the previous CD. The group is also fully aware of today’s musical vibes and has carefully listened to trendsetters such as que Ben Wendel, Gerald Clayton and Gilda Hekselman.

The cover of their first album showed seven young guys looking for the right direction in the middle of railway tracks. The second features an image of a big city. The musicians have arrived in the land of jazz, and with ‘Strange Deal’, they have the ideal visiting card to make a name for themselves. San Francisco has the SFJAZZ collective, Belgium has the LG Jazz Collective.

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