Born in Paris in 1945. His meeting with the electroacoustic musical universe and more particularly the part “for instruments and electroacoustic” was determining for its later orientations. While leading organist’s activity, he began a detailed formation of the electroacoustic techniques.
At the same time a many-year long collaboration with the ensemble “Itinéraire” and “2 e2 m ” made him meet in concert or in studio practically all the technical and musical situations aroused by these means. This regular collaboration with these two ensembles, or a punctual one with some others as the “Intercontemporain” brought him to collaborate in concert with several composers: I. Xénakis, J. Cage, L. Nono, L. Berio, H. Pousseur, T. Murail, M. Lévinas, F.B. Mâche, T. Kessler… for the realization of their works.

Without exclusive, his composer’s options made him favour, the live couple of the acoustic and electroacoustic means, that is the “mixing” in works for concert but also for stage or dance.

Professor of the Class of electroacoustic Composition and computer music at the Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Liège, from 1980 to 2005. Visiting composer at the Centre de Recherches Musicales de Wallonie in Liège.
He created “Ousonmupo”, the OUvroir (workroom) of SOuNd and MUsical Potential, which is a sound equivalent of the “OuLiPO” in literature.