Sacha Toorop was born in 1970. A Batavo-Javanese father, a rocker with rhinestones, and a Flemish mother in Wallonia predisposed him to all travels, to all openings and immersed him in music from many horizons. His father and intermittent schooling allowed him to learn more about music and instruments and then to immerse himself in them without returning. Drums, bass, guitar, percussion, keyboards, … so many strings that accumulate on his bow. From his earliest childhood, Sacha has been curious about everything. He draws, writes, composes, sings, reads, listens, tells, meets, … Some fifteen years of collaborations of all kinds with artists as diverse as Ted Milton, Dominique A, Françoiz Breut, Yann Tiersen, Junior Jazz, José Parrondo, Salvatore Adamo, Monsoon, Rackham, Saule et les Pleureurs or even Axelle Red more recently do not, however, keep him away from his two personal musical projects. Zop Hop Op, the group he created in 1996 and which, in the space of ten years, gave birth to five superb albums tinged with experimental alternative rock in English (Welcome, Red Poppies, Western, Interludes and Mangrovia).

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In 2006, Sacha “dared” to explore the twists and turns of the French language and recorded for the first time, an album entirely in French: AuClairDeLaTerre. In June 2007, Sacha won the Octaves de la Musique in the French Song category for this first opus in French. This album is an opportunity to travel for 3 years; since its release, it has been presented in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, China, Senegal, Slovakia and Quebec. In the meantime, Sacha perseveres in his collaborations and meetings; he performs the credits for the film “Congorama” by Philippe Falardeau, creates the sound design for the film “Baby Balloon” by Stefan Liberski, sees some of his songs adorn “Géants” by Bouli Lanners, sings various duets (Saule et les Pleureurs, Monsoon, Stéphanie Crayencour, David Celia,…), participates in the recordings of Auryn, Sweet Jane, Lemon Straw, Axelle Red and Dominique A, carries out the artistic direction of the Moladji album, produces and directs the first album of his dad, Rudy Toorop, accompanies Axelle Red and Dominique A on tour and continues to present his songs as part of various “Cartes Blanches” offered to him (SmartDays 2007, Francofolies de Spa 2008 and Ca Balance 2011) or La Tournée des Francos (Montreal, La Rochelle, Spa in 2011). After two years of collaboration with Dominique A, Sacha presents his second album in French, “Les Tourments du Ciel”.