Stéphane Galland was born on October 27, 1969 in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe (municipality of Brussels). It was at the age of 9 that Stéphane decided to take drum lessons at the Huy Conservatory (Belgium) in classical percussion. From the age of 11 he began playing with Jazz musicians, notably Eric Legnini.

At age 17, he graduated from all major classical courses while finishing high school.

After having had the opportunity to play with the biggest names in Belgian Jazz as a teenager, he is looking for new musical experiences.

Stéphane Galland has played in a trio for a long time with Eric Legnini and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, and participates with them in numerous festivals in Belgium and abroad.

In 1988, he met Pierre Van Dormael, with whom he played alongside Fabrizio Cassol and Michel Hatzigeorgiou in a Brussels club, Kaaï. For 3 years, they formed the group Nasa Na. In 1991, they began a trip to Central Africa where they studied the traditions of the Aka Pygmies. In 1992, after Pierre’s departure, the trio became Aka Moon…

In 1997, during a concert in a Jazz club in Antwerp, Stéphane met the Belgian singer Axelle Red who fell in love with his playing. She took him into her band of musicians. For more than 7 years now, he has been playing with her. Axelle says she’s never heard a snare drum sound like his, she calls him “Mr Snare”.

Bzzz Pük another trio with an original formula based on poly-rhythmic structures, composed of Linley Marthe “electric bass” brings its sound and the combined influences of Jazz and African music, Geoffroy de Masure develops a generous and dense playing broadening the expressive palette of the trombone, and Stéphane, today recognized for his unique and original approach to his instrument and his ease on complex waves of music from the African-American or Carnatic tradition, combining mathematical speculations with intuitive improvisation. ..

Stéphane quickly revealed himself as an exceptional musician. Developing a very personal style, he acquired mastery of the most complex rhythms through his encounters and research, whether with the Pygmies of Central Africa, the Senegalese master of percussion Doudou Ndiaye Rose or specialists in ragas (rhythmic figures of Indian music) such as Umayalpuram K. Sivamaram, he will collect a Kaleidoscope of rhythms.

Stéphane has also played with Zap Mama, Joe Zawinul, Ozark Henry, Novastar…; currently tours with his trio Aka Moon, Nelson Veras, and Dave Golitin; Stéphane holds the helm on some 60 albums.