«(…) this trio resolves today’s question about jazz… Must everything be labelled? The kind of jazz they play is what they love. It’s a simple as that! And you can really feel it and even see it! Far from having an identity crisis, it’s simply a question of dancing rhythms and emotion that they share through the language of sound.

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With a constant balance between energy and breaks, Trio Grande embody maturity, achieving pleasure through experience and over the course of time – an anthem in tribute to life and beauty, void of any vacuous intention. An occasionally awesome force constantly accompanies a sense of supernatural fragility. With compositions that can almost be qualified as «successful», as they take you to a higher plain from the first few seconds – it’s often a sign. The audience is often inside their music with a lyrical fever admirably helped along by dancing interludes sometimes from the inventive Michel Massot, and other times by the powerfully architectural Michel Debrulle. Then Laurent Dehors has the same effect, with a marriage of harsh phrasing and splendid colour. The audience is swept away, eating out of the palm of their hand and dropped on the other side of the world, pretty much transfigured. You too will be transfigured and time will stand still! (…)»

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