A contemporary composer and pianist that thrives on experimentation, Walter Hus was, in the ’80s, one of the co-founders of – and pianist with – the avant-garde group Maximalist, before embarking on the more traditional creation of work for opera, dance, theatre and film. Walter sometimes plays solo piano, but he also works with orchestras and ensembles, writers, visual artists, illustrators, rock and techno artists as well as theatre choreographers, film directors and designers of video games.

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These include: Rosas Dance Company, Roxane Huilmand, Jan Ritsema, Guy Cassiers, Needcompany, Hybrid Dance Company, Ben Okri, Peter Greenaway, Jozef Devillé, Chris Ware, Tale of Tales, Frederic Rzewski, Fatoumata Diawara, Guo Gan, DJ Push, Peter Krüger, Manu Riche, Spectra Ensemble, Arditti Quartet, Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and many others. Alongside these projects, Hus discovered the Decap as an instrument in 2000. These organs and percussions are manipulated by very sophisticated computer technology developed by the company of the same name. This led to him designing his own Decap organ and composing music for film, operas and other pieces for the stage. This unique instrument-machine can handle lines of very diverse music that can lean towards psychedelic soundscapes or purely electro/techno compositions. This led him to work on the documentary film Sound of Belgium in 2014. His contribution was a Decap organ version of the über-cult track Universal Nation by electro trance producer Push. In 2015, he received the prize of the “best film music 2015” at the Ostend festival for ‘N – The Madness of Reason’ by Peter Krüger.

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