During this confinement period, IGLOO Records team remains mobilized. Everyone at home, but all together to keep warming your heart and yours ears.

Period of solidarity and resistance, an opportunity to explore new universes, new consumption models and to (re) discover the musical richness.

Support our artists, browse our website to discover their music, follow their profiles, download their music … We can no longer share physically, don’t worry we will be even more present on the networks!

Special selection, live stream, unreleased tracks, playlists, rare reissues, free albums, we will continue to share with you creative, innovative and sincere music at home.

To start, here is a selection of titles from our catalog to make you travel without leaving your home.

Physical albums are shipped within 7 days, not 48 hours. We read our emails and can be reached by phone.

Let’s stay together, all independent, all united!