Jacques Pirotton is also a part of the great Jacquer Pelzer Family, having played a duet with him for 10 years, immortalized by the collaboration album “Happy Few” (1985). As leader, two albums as a trio and a quintet album, but also excellent musical associates: Richard Rouseselet, Guy Cabay, Michel Herr, Jon Eardley, John Thomas, Dave Pike, Chet Baker, Philip Catherine, Hugo Read, Octurn, … not forgetting Steve Houben.

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For his latest achievement, four essentials of Belgian jazz come together to offer us an unprecedented journey to the land of melody, rhythm and sound. While remaining the jazzman inspired that we know since the early days of his collaboration with Jacques Pelzer and his various trios, Jacques Pirotton is more than ever involved as an instrumentalist and composer, in a sonore quest for innovative forms, from fusion, to world music and rock energy.

At his side, Fabrice Alleman returns to the instrument of his debut, clarinet and bass clarinet. Also integrates the most melodious electric bass of Vanderstraeten Benedict. To this trio of soloists-harmonists, we must add Jan de Haas, durmmer and percussionist subtle, indisputable swingers of Belgian jazz.

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