Rêve d’Éléphant Orchestra’ is an ensemble from Belgium… A title which is quite suitable because it is a bit surrealistic and you know that Belgium is a country which, for internal politics but also for artistic reasons, has many links with surrealism. This relatively big band made of seven musicians produces music which has a great deal of exuberance, generosity, freedom, rigour in its writing also, besides being picturesque and joyful. The band really gives you pleasure. Their music surprises you in a good way, quite open to many things, bouncing and swinging quite naturally between its many influences. I find nothing artificial at all. Today, musicians have the possibility to pick a bit from everything and sometimes its is just plain or boring copy-paste. This is not world music, this is still jazz as it is a way of making music which has several sources from elsewhere, though I don’t think it  borrows anything from “world music”; it is just an open state of mind.

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