This fall, Igloo is starting a massive reissue project of older issues. The first references have been meticulously restored and digitized to be available for streaming in the best audio quality possible. Including some rare recordings that bear witness to a creative era rich in experimentations.

In this age of dematerialization and the gradual disappearance of physical medium, one might wonder about the role of producers and labels when facing the streaming giants. But one of the added values of a record company like Igloo is the concern for the sustainability and conservation of its heritage. In more than forty years, with more than 500 references (jazz, French chanson, contemporary music, world music, etc.), Igloo is part of the heritage of independent music.

When it was engaged in the production of new artists, the label had not yet taken the time, nor the means, to make all these recordings available. However, as DanielLéon (sound engineer and one of the founders of Igloo) explains very well, this restoration process is urgent, because the support of many recordings are deteriorating. We therefore took advantage of the health crisis — as if there was a positive point to this crisis anyway — to set up a whole restoration process with the aim of making our 42 years of recordings available to the public!

From October 8, we will begin our campaign to reissue the first Igloo releases: no less than 10 references will already be available in high audio quality on our website and/or on digital platforms by the end of the year. Some records – highly valued on collector’s sales websites – which take us back to the origins of Igloo, a period of cultural effervescence rich in sound experiments, at the beginnings of electronic music in Belgium.

IGL001 – Jean-Paul Ganty 1978

IGL002 – Arthur Petronio – 1979

IGL003 – André Stordeur – 1979

IGL004 – Godfried Willem Raes // Bellenorgel – 1979

IGL005 – La Maison du Jardinier – 1979