To start with, the desire of a real group, a Trio…Bravo, where each musician is unique, the desire of a sound, that of the tuba meeting together with the drums and the saxophone.

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Further more, the training of a particular type of orchestration with its limits… Can we speak of minimalism and its exesses?…Can we speak of baroquism ?

On the way to musical mirage, two comets : “Pas de Nain”, straight recording, two micros; “HI-O-BA”, multitracked, voices, shouts, the abyss of love.

Then “COMPACT”, a sort of constellation that the -smallest Big Band in the world- intends to transmit through pure and forceful sounds. If Trio Bravo music is readily identified, its essence is much less so. It is not the music of a trend or stream, even if jazz dominates, the path of the three cross over.

So in Germany, they will speak of rock, in France of free jazz, in Belgium of free funk andieven of jazz rock!

Beyond these devilish pathways, the music of Trio Bravo is that of positive energies, of genuine emotions brought out by primitive music. Music beyond music, music for the “Quatrième monde”, the ways and the times of knights…when all of us are groping for our roots in the melting pot of present european culture.

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